DJ Antix understands your party, function or wedding day is a special moment that can only be captured the once. There's a whole bunch of frequently asked questions that you should be asking before you dive in to see if what I provide in the performance, will suit your needs.
1. Is DJ'ing your full-time business? and what type of event is your primary focus?
No, DJ'ing for parties, functions and weddings is a extra curricular activity as a labour of love for music, entertaining, and shaping memorable, exciting and fun moments for my clients.  I've been playing music on and of for over 15 years. I'm well rounded, able to read the crowd and experienced performing in front of different (and tough) audiences.
2.  How do you customise the music experience?
One size doesn't fit all! I have a 3 stage process to customise your music experience:
  • Initial briefing and pre-event consults (including face to face where possible) - to create a soundtrack that is based on your style, taste and vision for the day. e.g You may be the party animal type that wants to have a hands-up-in the air dance floor OR you may want to have an uplifingting background soundtrack to inspire conversation.
  • Must-Play and don't-play lists:  We will work together to put together a list of must and don't play lists. 
  • Flexibility and willing to listen: You are ultimately in charge, I'm there to facilitate your brief and provide you with an amazing experience. I'm able to read the crowd, change tempo and music style from the crowd favourites, spanning different generations and switching to a slower pace. 
3. How do you deal with requests?
There are several options discussed in pre-event planning. On event day I will outline the plan in the "housekeeping" section of the running/timing schedule. For example:
  • Through a designated person who will filter the songs first, OR
  • Via a request sheet at DJ table to be filtered on the-fly.
  • DJ Antix fit track into the customised soundtrack with the best possible timing to not lower the energy/vibe of the crowd. *some songs just don't work or are inappropriate
4. Do you have a backup plan?
Yes, I have a backup plan in the unlikely event my primary equipment fails. This is discussed with you in pre-event.
5. Do you MC?
Yes, I'm able to MC at your event to ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to the running schedule. Customised tasks are discussed during pre-event planning, should you require me to work in with your appointed MC and planner/co-ordinator.
6. How do you present yourself?
I present myself well and come dressed appropriate to the occasion and theme of your event. During bump in (setup) I will be in neat attire and will be changed, ready for your event well in advance of the first guests arriving.
7. Do you have a performance agreement and insurance?
Yes, I have a performance agreement so there's no ability in our obligations to each other, ensuring what we've discussed is what I deliver in my performance for your event. I also have public liability insurance.
8. What party games do you host? 
Depending on the type of event you have I'm able to host / MC party games to entertain your guests. I also use party games as an aid to build the vibe and promote dancing. Games are discussed during pre-planning. I'm happy to send you a list of the games OR if you have anything specific this can be customised for you.
9. Are the event duration you've advertised set in stone? and is that total play time?
The durations are a guide as a minimum for each type of event. The advertised play time is less as the duration takes in to account 1 hour for setup (30 mins - bump in) and backdown (30 mins - bump out) with 2 hour of playtime. 
Example: Kids Party
4-430pm bump in 
5-7 performance / host games
715-745pm bump out
10. Do you have your own lighting?
Yes, DJ Antix has a lighting setup that will set the tone for your event. Setup includes:
  • Gig Bar with, strobe, parcan (multi colour wash), laser
  • Mini-laser & uplight
  • Smoke machine (N.B doesn't leave residue...can be used indoors...just ensure that DJ area is not directly under the alarm)
  • NB. the lighting rig is ample to set a great atmosphere for your special day its not a big concert rig however it does keep the cost at a reasonable rate whilst achieving what it needs to.
11. Is your equipment suitable for a big hall?
Yes, the equipment is industry standard PA equipment with redundancy. Im also able to work in with the venue in-house sound system for additional punch (if their policy allows)
Equipment Load list
  • Table & Skirting
  • Cables & Power Cords
  • Pioneer DDJ - RR Digital DJ System & Laptop
  • Redundancy mixer with backup Ipad for mixing your customised soundtrack
  • 10 channel wireless microphone 
  • 2 x 1100 W - Powered Speakers & Stands
  • Lighting gig-bar (parcan, laser, strobe)
  • Black light & mini-laser
  • skirting uplight
12. Do you play back-to-back events?
No, I only perform at one event per day.  Once you've booked me I'm locked and won't double up. This ensures I am fresh, on-the-ball and and able to deliver a performance to the best of my ability.

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